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Starland Show

So funny story. Packing up for Starland a few days ago I was going through some drawers and I found a notebook from school about 9 years ago. On the first page of the notebook it says "If I could be anything, I would be a guitarist or some sort of architect." Unfortunately I didn't go to school for architecture but I'm glad the guitarist part came true. It's nice to see to see 11 year old me's dreams coming true and it's kind of comforting to know I still have the same goals that I did 9 years ago.

Friday 11/24 we played Starland Ballroom opening for Butcher Babies and Hollywood Undead. It's kind of a weird feeling being able to play the stage that you've seen so many other bands and idols play on before you. Granted I've seen many of my friends open on this stage as well, it's still a really good feeling knowing we finally reached another of our goals playing this iconic venue. Hopefully one day we'll be headlining rather than opening but I'm sure that's everyone's goal too. We got new stuff coming soon and hopefully y'all will enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy writing it. Thanks to everyone who continues to support us and enjoys what we're doing. We can't do it without you.

Gotta say there's no better feeling than looking into the photopit and seeing Angelica Pasquali, Justin Scalera, and Tara Lakatos right in front of you. All three of them are incredibly talented photographers and amazingly supportive friends. Thank you guys for the amazing photos and the continued support. (Anyone going through these please check the watermarks of each photo to know who shot which one Angelica = Luna Photography, Justin = Justin Scalera Photography and Tara = Rock DNA Photography)

- Jake

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