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Life's Unique

This past week, some friends from high school showed up in my feed and it was really fascinating for me to see what they were up to. When you're growing up, the adults of your life keep pushing you for a life they expect you to live. Finish high school. Finish college. Then sell your soul to the world with a 9-5 job. Those are the expectations that I see most friends from high school living up to. They got their first apartment, they got a dog, some had kids and they've got their fancy office jobs and it all made me look at my own life.

When I grew up I wanted to be a dentist. I was so set on this dream and I was inspired by my own dentist because he was skilled at what he did. Eventually I picked up a guitar and that dream faded away. My dad still remembers me explaining it as "I want to be a musician. Being a dentist is great, but I don't want to look in people's mouths for the rest of my life. I want to change the world. Music has the power to do that." Fast forward to our first show at The Bitter End in NYC... my dentist came with his daughter. The next day, he came over and told me and my parents that we have a lot of potential as a band and he gifted me high quality studio monitors that we now use in our basement to record demos.

I've been writing music for about a 1/4 of my life. I started when I was 15 and right now I'm 20. I've been performing with the guys in Callout for 2 years (this past Saturday was the anniversary). It's so easy to get discouraged when you take a path that is, I guess to word it, not traditional. But when you're chasing the excitement surrounded by inspiring and supportive people, you feel like there's nothing that can get in your way.

I'm grateful for all of you. To know most of you are as passionate about what we do, as much as we are, leaves me with no words. Growing up, I had the Evanescence and Halestorm logo's drawn all over my notes and at a point I wanted to get the E of Evanescence tattoo'd on me. To know some of you are getting our logo of Shadow tattoo'd on you forever is mind blowing. Thank you for inspiring me to chase something that's been around in my life, all my life. Thank you for giving us a chance. We've gotten to play with a list of favorite bands and we've learned a lot about the business and can't wait to learn more. Without you guys, and without supportive parents like ours, there would be no us.

No matter where you are in life right now, no matter how old you are, do what makes you excited. Do what makes you happy. Your life is yours.

With Love,


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